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Predrag Mihajlovic Predsednik Izvršnog odbora, OTP banka Srbija

From its strategic goal of supporting Serbia’s digital transformation to its ambitious plan to create a cashless society, OTP banka is making an impactful contribution to Serbia’s market and taking the lead in the banking sector. The bank’s impeccable performance is evident in its rankings in different indicators in the banking sector. “OTP banka is the number one creditor on the market including the corporate and retail sector and the second-largest bank in Serbia in terms of assets. OTP holds a leading position in factoring, e-commerce, and leasing services, servicing over 766,000 active clients with an extensive footprint of 169 branches in 91 cities across the country. As such, we have clients from all industries, from entrepreneurs to SMEs and large domestic and multinational companies. Therefore, we have a clear overview of the economy, needs, and expectations from both public and business stakeholders. This also means we can follow their needs and provide them with large-scale financing,” says Predrag Mihajlović, CEO and President of the Executive Board of the bank.

Mihajlović highlights the Bank’s strong ties with corporate clients: “We create value through our distinctive approach, which puts the client at the center of everything we do. Whether providing capital to fund growth or refinancing debt, we offer solutions that support the right capital structure to meet companies’ short and long-term financing needs. Working in partnership with our clients, we provide a full range of solutions to meet their ongoing needs, including liquidity management and structured finance.” OTP banka’s competitive advantage lies in the fact that clients see the Bank as a partner and consultant in solving everyday financial challenges. The Bank offers a wide range of factoring services for financing company businesses by generating working capital and accelerating its operating cycle. It provides full support to finance company receivables or payables through recourse and non-recourse factoring, reverse factoring, supply chain financing, and international export factoring.

The Bank is a pioneer in providing supply chain financing through a modern, easy-to-use platform for working capital financing and the improvement of overall liquidity. The bank perceives and implements its activities through an environmental-conscious lens, proactively undertaking ECG projects and reducing the company’s carbon footprint. “OTP banka has started its green transition with a major step forward and we are implementing numerous initiatives along that way. We want clients to recognize us as a green bank and this starts with our headquarters where we have solar panels and use sustainable and renewable energy,” stresses Mihajlovic. Its signature project, Generator Zero, supports sustainable solution proposals with real and measurable effects on reducing carbon footprint. OTP banka is the first on the domestic market to join the Priceless Planet Coalition of Mastercard to contribute to the reforestation of the planet.

The bank has gone through two integration processes that have led to the increase in its market share. “The integration made us the largest creator in the country,” describes Mihajlović. The bank is now ranked as one of the top three banks in Serbia for its international client base. Its strategies are honed to understand its clients’ needs, meticulously reviewing its products and procedures through clients’ experiences and feedback.
The bank works closely with different stakeholders including the government for better service provision to its clients. “We have found solutions for issues that banks of other European countries still haven’t solved and we have had talks with the state to secure new benefits and solve problems.” The bank’s reported growth figures in the last three years doubled which enabled it to grow even during the pandemic.

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    Predrag Mihajlovic Predsednik Izvršnog odbora, OTP banka Srbija

    Predsednik Izvršnog odbora OTP banke Srbija, rukovodilac procesa integracije OTP banke i Vojvođanske banke, i predsednik Udruženja banaka Srbije. Prethodno je od 2017. do 2019. godine bio na poziciji Predsednika Izvršnog odobora Vojvođanske banke. Tada je istovremeno rukovodio i projektom integracije Vojvođanske banke i tadašnje OTP banke Srbija. Svoju bankarsku karijeru započeo je u AY Bank Ltd. London, kao diler na deviznom tržištu. Obavljao je funkciju specijalnog savetnika, a potom i zamenika predsednika Izvršnog odbora u Komercijalnoj banci od 2004. do 2008. godine, bio je direktor Sektora za poslove sa privredom u VTB banci, dok je u Credy banci (KBM banci) od 2010. do 2013. godine obavljao funkciju predsednika Izvršnog odbora. Takođe je i potpredsednik Foruma za odgovorno poslovanje i član Predsedništva Saveza ekonomista Srbije.

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